On Oct 31st the Dobrich Art gallery opened an exhibition “Salt for the the Living” . It contains 34 works made by 56 authors – drawings and collages, inspired by the poetry of Yordan Krachmarov /1948 – 1986/. The exposition is arranged in connection with the 70 years of the poet’s birth  He was born in Gurkovo village. He died at the age of 38 but he created an exciting poetry and his lyrics have been evaluated as a significant national literary phenomenon. In addition to the exhibition  after the “Salt for the Living” project a catalogue was edited by “Faber” book publishing company. It was financed by the Dobrich Municipality  under a Funding Program for Citizens’ Initiatives in Favor of the Local Community and the Agrarian cooperative in Gurkovo village managed by Todor Moralijski.  We are especially grateful to all of them. The display includes works of Andrey Daniel, Angel Stanev, Atanas Totlqkov, Bissera Valeva, Bozhidar Tonev, Valentin Shaltev, Valery Chakalov, Velina Christova, Vera Peneva, Vesselin Damyanov – Vess, Galina Ivanova – Halacheva, Georgy Demirev, Georgy Lechev, Ginka Dimova, Daniel Dyankov, Dimitar Grozdanov, Dimitar Kulev, Dona Stoyanova, prof. Dimitar Cholakov, Evelina Handzhieva, Elena Panayotova, Kiro Mavrov, Krassimir Trifonov, matey Mateev, Mitko Sybev, nedko Nedkov, Penka Dimitrova – Dambulova, Petar petrov, Rumen Bogdanov, Slavko Slavkov, Steliyan Stoyanov, Stefan Lyutakov, Christo Konstantinov, Tsvetan Kazandzhiev. We are deeply grateful to all who  donate their works for the enrichment of the Dobrich gallery fund.


He was born on July 24th in the family of Keranka Zhelyazkova and Dobri Krachmarov in the Dobrudzha village Gurkovo. He studied in his native village, in Dobrich and Balchik. He made his first steps in poetry. He occasionally kept a diary /1963-1985/.


He was a deck-hand in Varna. His first publishing was a cycle of poems “Requiem” in the newspaper “Dimitrov’s Watch” on Apr 12ve 1968. He cooperate with different military editions with poems, prose, publications. In July 28th 1968 his father died. He participated in the collection “Evenings in the cabin for Sailors”” /1969/ with an excerpt “Sea”. He was offered a job of a military journalist but he went back to Gurkovo.


He worked as a mine worker, lifeguard on the beach, fisherman, foreman of plant breeders in his native village. He often travels along his favorite places along the Black seaside receiving inspiration and ideas: Kaliakra, the reservation “Yailata” at Kamen Bryag village, the Durankulak lake etc. He wrote verses, poems, novels, publications and travel notes, feuilleton and epigrams, set the performance “Dawn after Dawn” /1979/, created scripts for the cinema and TV performances. He also has unfinished a short novel and a novel.  He drew graphics and colorful landscapes. From 1979 till the end of his life Krachmarov was active in the literary club of the Youth House in Balchic. He had a close friendship and a correspondence with Petar Alipiev, Boris Hristov, Lyuben Nedkov, Georgi Konstantinov, Alexander Gerov, Georgi Markovski, Yurii Kaminski / Ukraine/, Georgi Boyadzhiev etc.

1982 – 1986

He became a member of the Club of the young artists and the Society of the Writers in Dobrich. He travelled a lot, participated in contests, recitals, literary readings. From 1982 till the end of his life he worked as a supervisor of the cultural activity and the radio in “Home Appliances” enterprise. His friends were also Georgi Davidov, Ventsislav Slavyanov, Sasho Serafimov, Alexander Belchev, Irina Yankova, Kameliya Kondowa, Elka Nyagolova, Krassimira Atanasova, Ivan Ovcharov, Zhenya Radkova, Veneta Mandeva etc. He constantly published works of his in the local media. His works were published in the central literary magazines. In 1984 the successful recital “How to Look at the Sun” of Dobrich poets was presented by young actors from the Dobrich State Theatre “Yordan Yovkov”. Most of the verses in the literary-musical composition belonged to Krachmarov. At the beginning of 1986 in “Narodna Mladezh” Publishing House – Sofia was issued the poetry collection “Boarding House”. There he presented the cycle “My Whole Wealth”. On May 16th 1986 at 8.oo pm returning from a meeting with students from the Humanitarian High School  - Dobrich he died of heart attack. He was buried in his native village.

With the full collaboration of his friends the following poetic books were edited posthumously:

 “Night Bay” /1987/ - “Georgi Bakalov” publishing house – Varna, compiler Sasho Serafimov;

“Salt for the Living” /1992/ - Publishing House “Elka Nyagolova”, compilers: elka Nyagolova and Sasho Serafimov;

“Shirt for Christ”/1993/ - Publishing House “Synthesis” – Sofia, compilers Krassimira Atanassova and Konstantin Mladenov;

“After XX Century” /1998/ - Publishing House “Silver Lion” – Sofia, compiler Konstantin Mladenov;

“Target swinging in the Wind” /2008/, Publishing House “Zhanet 45”- Plovdiv, compiler Sasho Serafimov

In 2003 was produced a TV documentary “Yordan Krachmarov – the Forgotten Poet” by the poet Vlado Lyubenov.