On Oct 19th the Dobrich gallery openedan exhibition of Nikola Manev and Stoimen Stoilov. The Governor Krassimir Kirilov and Stoimen Stoilov were guests of the exhibition. The displaycontains 30 paintings and graphic works, aquarelles and drawings of both authors from the gallery’s fund.

This year we remember the creative searches and accomplishment of Nikola Manev and Stoimen Stoilov on the occasion of “The Year of Cultural Heritage and Presentation of Diversity of Ethnicities and Cultures in the European Union and the Contribution of Republic of Bulgaria to the European Values”.

The painters have presented their works in many European galleries and have been awarded prestigious prizes. Some of the most famous art critics wrote articles about them.

The present exhibition includes paintings and watercolors of Nikola Manev created between 1982–1990. They have been purchased from the exhibition “The Land and the People” in 1982 and his solo exhibitions in Sofia /1986/ and in Dobrich /1987 and 1990/.

The graphics and watercolors of Stoimen Stoilov have been created in the period 1977-1988 and purchased from collective expositions in Varna and Dobrich as well as from “The Land and the People” displays etc. in the show. In the show is also included the imposingly picturesque canvas “Renaissance Motif” which last year the painter donated to the gallery. Here we can quote the American art critic Rick Koster about the solo exhibition of paintings of Stoilov in “Limen Allen Museum”, USA: “The paintings of Stoimen Stoilov are an unique futuristic interpretation of mysticism and mythology altogether of East and West Europe”.

Nikola Manevis a Bulgarian painter who lived and worked in Paris, France.

He was born in Pazardzhik but grew up in Chirpan. The painter graduated from the Art School in Sofia and in 1962 he was accepted in the French Academy in Fine Arts where he studied “painting” under prof. Morris Brianchon. He settled in Paris, in a studio in Ile Saint Louis. Throughout his life he travelled around the world accumulating impressions for his canvases.

Manev realized 137 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions and biennials in different parts of the world. Works of his are part of state and private collections and museums in over 30 countries all over the world.

Still at the beginning of his carrier Manev explored the mystical and fairy world through his paintings. Many subjects interweaved in his creative world – the strange earth formations of Bulgarian nature, the desert of Algeria and Tunisia, Mexican motifs. But one of them he recreated quite often – the romantic scenery of the Paris roofs and chimneys.

In 2000 Nikola Manev bought an old Renaissance house in Chirpan. After a restoration he bequeathed it to the city donating also 40 of his works dating to different periods of his creative life.   

In 2008 Nikola Manev became an academic of the Bulgarian Science and Art Academy.

The painter died on Aug 25th, 2018 in Paris. OnSep 9th,.2018 the urn with his ashes was laid in the city of Chirpan.

Stoimen Stoilovwas born in 1944 in the town of Varna. In 1972, after graduating from the Sofia Art Academy in “applied graphics” under prof. Alexander Poplilov he came back to his native town. He made graphics, monumental painting and illustration /the painter illustrated more than 50 books/. He is the constitutor of the prestigious International Varna Biennial in Graphics “so the Bulgarian graphic art can be commensurate with the world graphic art”.

In 1991 his atelier burned in a fire. Everything – graphics, metal plates for graphic, projects etc. was irretrievably lost and the painter migrated to Vienne.

He is connected with Dobrich as the author of the monumental wall panel “The Heroes of Yovkov” in the Memorial House “Yordan Yovkov”.  This is the first wall panel implemented in painted ceramic technique /1980/.

Stoilov was awarded many prizes for graphic and drawing:

-          1976 – the Grand Prize in Brno, Czech Republic for “Siberian Tales”

-          1982 – Silver Medal at the International Exhibition in Leipzich, Germany

-          1983 – the Grand Prize for fresco at the name of Iliya Petrov awarded by the Union of the Bulgarian Painters

-          1984 – Medal for Graphic of Art Expo, New York, awarded by Foundation “Billan” for contemporary art

-          1985 – the Grand Prize for a Bulgarian participant at the 3rd Biennial of Graphic in Varna, Bulgaria

-          1991 – the Prize Gottfried von Herder of the Vienna University, Austria for lifetime creativity

 He is a winner of the National Prize for graphic under the name of Vesselin Staykov and the National Prize for illustration baring the name of Boriss Angelushev. He is also awarded the “Stara Planina” medal – First Degree /2010/.

Stoimen Stoilov has numerous solo exhibitions in countries of different continents: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, USA, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Syria, Sweden.

The President of Austria honored him the title of professor for outstanding merit to the Austrian culture and art.

The name of Stoimen Stoilov is included in the oldest French encyclopedia for visual arts – Benezit. In 1999 it was also added in a book, edited in France, with monograms of painters from 19th and 20th centuries.