On July 20th 2018 the Dobrich gallery opened the exhibition “The Golden Pages of Bulgarian Illustration. Iliya Beshkov and his Students”. The exposition belongs to the fund of Pleven gallery – “Iliya Beshkov”. It represents 96 works of art of significant and favorite Bulgarian engravers and illustrators from the middle of 70s and 80s of the XX century. The collection includes works of Iliya Beshkov, Ivan Kozhuharov, Ivan Kyosev, Naum Naumov, Nikola Hadzhitanev, Simeon Venov, Darina Penkova, Stoimen Stilov and Todor Tsonev who did the design of Bulgarian and translated children’s books, historical and Revival Bulgarian literature, world epos, poesy and Bulgarian folklore. The variety of techniques, means of expression, compositional ideas and artistic problems which illustration is luscious with leads to the creation of an independent artistic genre.

The opening also went along with the display of drawings of children who attended the classes in the “”Summer Workshop of Imagination”. Sacred Egyptian animals and frescos, Christo Yavashev and his projects, sea subjects ….. are just a small number of the themes which were presented to the children during these classes.