On the eve of the National Day of France the Dobrich Art gallery arranged the French-Bulgarian  exhibition “The Roads of Summer” of Anne de Colbert Christophorov and Elena Panayotova. The “vernisazh” was a fete for the numerous audience from different towns of Bulgaria and other countries. Mrs Anne Christophorov was accompanied by her husband , d-r Boyan Christophorov, a well known French doctor, Cavalier of the Legion of Honor, Honored doctor of Varna’s Medical University. The opening was attended by prof. Suzana Klincharova – a world famous musician, prof. damatar Kamburov, prof. Nikola Vladov, prof. Iskren Kotsev, Mrs Zheni Michaylova – a director of Cultural Center “The Palace”, painters, friends, connoisseurs, students. The evening started with a French Baroque music played by Rossitsa Boyadzhieva – a doctor in musicology and her student Melissa Raisova.
The exhibition represents the creative works of both painters who are representatives of different generations but they are related by kinsfolk and long lasting friendship and something else – the craving for creative voyages, new challenges and freedom.

Anne de Colbert Christophorov /born in 1936/ is a well known French painter who perceives the world in a magic way and recreates it in bright colors and in her paintings and tapestries. She is a descendant of Jan-Batist Kolber, a French politician and minister of Finances ofLui XIV. She livesand workesin Paris.Anne Christophorov says that the most important for her is freedom which gives her the chance to draw what excites her soul. “To descry the Earth, to carry over the colors and the incense from another world, to taste the savor of time – it’s like hearing the endless songs and cry of the stars, racing in the sky of the Universe…”

Elen Panayotova was born on September 10th 1964 in Sofia, in the family of the artists Zhana Kosturkova and Todor Panayotov.

“…I am deeply grateful to my parents for teaching me to be a free person and to enjoy the pleasure from the work.” – she mentioned in her catalogue more than 20 years ago.

Both painters arranged numerous exhibitions in many countries all over the world, they tirelessly work and take part in projects. Anne took part in many solo and general exhibitions in France, USA, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Togo, Gabon, Russia, Japan, Albania, Brazil.In Bulgaria she had delivered her works in Sofia, Dobrich, Varna, Balchik, Pazardzhik, Bansko.

She is an award winner of golden and silver medals from International Saloons in Italy, France, Belgium.

Elena Panayotova has over 25 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Macedonia, France etc. She is an artist with a broad culture resonant to all public phenomena which reflect in the subjects she develops.

„…In the exhibition “The Roads of Summer” Anne and Elena show us new worlds and natures. Aesthetically different but sensitive to the color and  its suggestive power they lead us along ancient roads, dunk us in their light and their imagination reveals the magic of colors. Southern seas and shores, suns and houses, exotic landscapes and distant lands inhabit the works of Anne Christophorov and Elena Panayotova and attract us with magic radiance and coloring…”- said Evelina Handzhieva, the gallery director at the opening.