The night of the museums was opened with a presentation of the book “I Want to Tell You”. Its author is Georgi Kolev / 1938-2017/ who was a journalist, long-time correspondent of the Bulgarian television for our region, hereditary hatcher and eloquent narrator. Mariana Ivanova, his wife, who was also a journalist and public figure spoke about his book. The actor Vallentin Andreev/Raffe/, read some texts from the book of his friend.

Later was projected the film “Galloppo tra le stela” /Gallop Among the Stars/ - a story about the world known brothers Peykovs- the sculptor Assen Peykov and the painter Iliya Peykov. Directors of the documentary are Veneta Nenkova and Stanislav Kolev, who is the cameraman, too and Kolev’s son. Veneta Nenkova is the author of a book with the same title, which was delivered to the audience.

In the Workshop of Imagination children made linocuts.

An ethno-jazz concert of the “Sibila” band began at 9.00 pm. The members of the group were Dona Stoyanova /a vocal singer and guitarist/, Milena Traykova /a vocal singer and percussionist/, Stefani Chivchibashievawho plays different exotic percussion instruments and the Dobrich guitarists Krassimir and Deyan Dimitrovs.