On May 18th Art gallery – Dobrich openedthe exhibition  “Ivanka Sokerova – Life in Silence” and Dona Stoyanova’s  book “Prehistoric Anthropomorphic Plastic Art. Projections in tha Bulgarian Sculpture”.

The exhibition is a part of the Dobrich  gallery’s fund and delivers small plastic art, reliefs and collages of the painter Ivanka Sokerova /1926- 1993/. The works are granted to the gallery in 1994 by the art-expert Dimitar Grozdanov. The creative life of Ivanka Sokerova is almost unknown, her works were really included in an exposition and they are not presented in the galleries’ funds. They were mainly purchased  by connoisseurs and diplomats.

Ivanka Sokerova was born on December 30th 1926 in Sofia. In the family of the well known lawyer Ignat Sokerov. At the age of 6 after a vaccination  she fell seriously ill and her right hand was paralyzed.Later she began drawing and she was interested philosophy, theory of music, poetry, languages. She was also interested  in sculpture and at the age of 20 she entered the Academy.

Her closest friends were Slavka Denev and her father Boris Denev, Lika Yanko and Dora Kancheva. They travelled together round Bulgaria and  inspired by the beauty of  Sozopol and small Balkan villages she drew outlines of them. Sokerova had two solo exhibitions in 1968 and 1973, which didn’t cause much public response. Till the end of her life the painter worked only with her left hand creating hundreds of reliefs and plastic art of ceramic.

At the end of 80s her health got worse and she couldn’t model and draw. She began making colored collages by pages of magazines and theatrical posters. Ivanka Sokerova died in poverty on September 8th 1993.

The book of Dona Stoyanova“Prehistoric Anthropomorphic Plastic Art. Projections in Bulgarian sculpture” was presented by Krassimira Stoyanova.

Dona Stoyanova was born on April 22nd 1978 in Dobrich. She graduated the Language School in the town. In 2008 she finished the Academy in “Sculpture” under prof. Angel Stanev. In 2012 she got science degree “Doctor of Art Studies and Art”. She is a lecturer in the Academy in Primitivism and Art of 20th Century.

In her book Dona Stoyanova includes Bulgarian painters among which Ivanka Sokerova who’s creative works were influenced by the prehistoric samples.

Dona Stoyanova has numerous participations in national and regional exhibitions and received many awards for her works.

She became a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists in 2016.