On Feb 22nd 2018 at 5.30 pm the Dobrich gallery openedan exhibition of the Hungarian photographer Szaboky Zsolt.  In 32 photos the famous photographer tells about the history of the Hungarian castles in the Carpathian Basin. More than five hundred fortresses were built on the territory of Hungarian Kingdom. Some of them rise on ancient and Middle Age foundations. Many of them were built up after the greatest Mongol invasion in XIIIcentury but the latest ages considerably changed them. And after the end of the wars with the Turks and Austrians from XVIII century the time of their slow ruin came.

This exhibition is a part of the permanent fund of the Hungarian Cultural Institute. Its realization was helped by the Institute and will be at the disposal of our visitors till Mart 14th.

Szaboky Zsolt (1941 – 2009)

Szaboky Zsolt began to actively deal with photography in 1961. He graduated journalism. In 1974 he started freelancing. He organized a series of solo exhibitions in Hungary and other European countries. The photographer directed his energy to a photo exploring different cultural centers and regions thus becoming the founder of the genre scientifically-historic photograph book in Hungary. The result of his travelling was the creation of many photographic albums consisting scientific and historical studies. Two of his 18 albums are directly related to Bulgaria – “Book of the Icons”(1981) and “Bulgarian Monasteries” (1983).

In 1988 Szaboky Zsolt gets deserved recognition for his talent – he is awarded the prizes “Bela Balazh” and “About the Hungarian Art”.

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