The exhibition is opening on February 7th 2018 at 5.30 am in Hall 1 of the Dobrich gallery. It consists of 26 works of the artist – paintings and drawings from the gallery fund which are a small part his significant and multilateral creativity. By this exhibition we recall the creativity of the great Bulgarian painter and pay tribute to it. These works are done in the period 1965 – 1981 and some of them are purchased from the General exhibitions “The Land and the People” in Dobrich and his solo display in the gallery in 1981.

           His friends and collegues describe Nayden Petkov as “profound, wise, gifted with the fine sensitivity of a poet, combining artistry and nobility, mastery and human dignity”. This aristocrat of spirit is permanently connected with Dobrudzha and therefore a part of his paintings and drawings of the display are thematically connected with our land – Dobrudzha fields, Balchik landscapes.

         “Nayden Petkov has long taken the place among the classics of the contemporary Bulgarian art. Time will acknowledge the eternity of his creativity: professional and open, typical Bulgarian and international.

          “With this exhibition we recall this great Bulgarian painter and pay tribute to him”- said at the opening Penka Dimitrova, a chief curator in Dobrich gallery.