On December 5th the Dobrich Gallery opened an exhibition of pieces of art donated to the gallery the last few years. The exposition consists of paintings and plastic art. Last year the family of the Dobrich painter Yanko Atanassov 1926 – 1999/ endowed ten pieces of art to our gallery. This display represents two of his paintings with a historical subject. The wife of another Dobrudzha painter – Georgy Gorchev /1923 – 2016/ donated two paintings depicting landscapes of Balchik – the town which inspired him and where he lived. The visitors’ attention will be attracted by several monumental canvases. They have different expressiveness but they all equally induce the visitors: the expressive “Bozhenski Cats” endowed by the Check painter Petr Jedlichka and the abstractive paintings “Reflection” of Krassimir Russev /from his project “Unrecorded Abstraction” and “Purple Night” by Petar Petrov from his retrospective exposition. “Gate” of Yavor Tsanev /1956 – 2014/ donated by painter’s wife was an a semantic and compositional accent in his retrospective exhibition. This canvas obsesses the visitor by its placid composition, gentle coloring and artistic drawing. The painting makes us thing about the transient life, the light and being – here and in netherworld. A classic portrait of a woman, wearing a head kerchief /dating back to 1942/ by Ivan Yonkov /1875 – 1956/ provokes us to examine both the painter and the model. This canvas was endowed by the daughter-in-low of a Dobrudzha family and the model is a member of the family / two generations ago/. Ivan Yonkov comes from an old familyof painters and icon painters from Tryavna. He graduated the State School in Drawing in Sofia / the present Academy/ under prof. Ivan Markvichka and prof. Yaroslav Veshin. Hi is the father of the opera prima Nadya Afeyan and a gradfather of Nataliya Afeyan /an opera singer too, a musicologist, researcher, university lecturer. She told us about the book of memories of her mother entitled “Shine and Shadows”, edited in 1985 in which she spoke about the painter. The exposition is enriched by the paintings of Anton Antonov, who endowed them at his solo exposition in our gallery this year and the wash-drawings of Ginka Dimova, donated by Vesselin Parushev.

The gallery team expresses it’s gratitude to all grantors for their gesture.