On June 21st the Dobrich gallery opened the exposition “Graphics and Drawings” of Dimitar Kulev. It includes works of etching and aquatint as well as drawings with pen- and -wash-drawing, gwash, pastels and distemper all dating back to different periods. The painter is inspired the Danube bank, the roots and trees thrown out by the water, the still-life dedicated to the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi.

Weather dreams and memories are crossing somewhere, weather they live alongside with us? Or they are simply collapsible paintings giving us the wishful thinking about a secret with which we often get in touch in an unknown hour and time. Such kind of thoughts could be provoked by the creations of Dimitar Kulev. As if it is removed from our weekday but at the same time it is in front of us, in our life.

The exhibition will be open till the end of the July, 2017.

Dimitar Kulev graduated The National Art Academy, subject “graphics” in 1979. He also is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists.

Since 1979heregularly participatedin regional and national exhibitions in Bulgaria,
in representative exhibitions of Bulgarian etching, organized by theBulgarian Artists' Union in Minsk,Moscow, Bratislava,Ankara,Maastricht,Skopje.
He is a permanent participant in the International Biennial of Etching in Varna since its secondedition, in the Biennials in Kyoto,Kanagawa,Kochi,Lodz,Lublin,Belgrade,Bitola, in the Triennials in Sofia,Tokyo,Cairo.

He has three solo exhibitions.

Dimitar Kulev won the following awards:
2006 - Diploma for overall performance in the Third Biennial of Small Forms–Pleven
2007 -Special award of BAU of International Biennial of Etching–Varna
2008 -Diploma for overall performance in the Fourth Biennial of Small Forms–Pleven
2008 -First Award for etchingin the National Competition ‘AllianzBulgaria’
2015 - First Award for graphics in the National Graphic Exposition after the name of Georgi Gerasimov, Pazardzhik

2016 - Main Award for graphics in the National Competition ‘Allianz Bulgaria’ for painting, sculpture and graphic  2015 – 2016.

Hisworks are owned: by the National Art Gallery-Sofia,Ministry of Culture,Ministry of Finances,galleries in Dobrich,Targovishte,Razgrad,Montana and Silistra;
Graphics of Dimitar Kulev are ownerwhip of two museums in Japan: the Museum of Small Format Etchingin Tokyo and theMuseum of Contemporary Etchingin Kochi as well as  Maastricht,Holland, the'Ludwig' Collection,Germany, Lublinand  Lodz,Poland, Houston, USA.

Dimitar Kulev Lives and works in Silistra.