On May 30th 2017 at 6.00 pm the Dobrich gallery opens an exhibition of ceramic plastic art by Hristo Yonkov. The works of the artist are inspired by the Japanese ceramic tradition, by nature and architecture and bring “the feeling of a special magic and ethereality. This style creates spontaneity, sculptural sensitivity and at the same time grows to a powerful existing form”. The plastic forms are made in the natural ceramic color which enriches their effect of warmth and organic presence.
Hristo Yonkov was born in 1947 in Gabrovo. He graduated from the National Art Academy – Sofia in “Ceramic” under prof. Venko Kolev. He is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and UNESCO AIAP. In 80s he mainly created monumental ceramics. In the period 1993 0 2010 he was a director of the National High School in Arts “Prof. Venko Kolev” in Troyan. He is also the organizer of an International Symposium “Art Ceramics”, Troyan. He is a participant in 16 International exhibitions and simposias in seramic. He organized four soloexhibitions. Works of his are owned by the National Gallery – Sofia, Art Gallery Yambol, Museum of Ceramics – Alkora /Spain/ as well as by private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.