On Apr 19th in two halls of the Dobrich Art Gallery prof. Vallery Chakalov and prof. Dimitar Cholakov opened an exhibition of the University in Shumen "Diocesan Konstantin Preslavski". It was an artistic manifestation of 25 students and 11 lecturers. The students are with Bachelors and Masters degree in "Pedagogy of Education in Arts" and the lecturers are from the department of Visual Arts. The exhibition is a representative exposure of the speciality. The greater number of the works were created during the present Academic year and they have been specially chosen for the purposes of the exhibition. One can see different artistic styles, tendencies and genres interpreted by paintings, graphics, photoes, objects and new medias. Art is an unique manner for the students to know their own artistic and personal world better, to discover a visual style of expressing themselves. This is their unique pliable language. This is how they declare an artistic territory and accomlish their individual communication with the world.

Many of the presented lecturers are prizewinners of international and national awards of arts, and their graduates are awarded many prizes of national and local competitions. Last years they realized exhibitions in the galleries of Shumen, gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad, Targowishte and abroad - Constanta /Romania/, St. Petersburg /Russia/, Belgrad /Serbia/ and Turkey.

The exhibition will be open till May 18th 2017.