On Mar 17th 2017 at 5.30 pm an exhibition of Ivaylo Marinov named "The Forest" was opened in the the Art gallery of Dobrich.

The author represents works made out of leather and its potential to be sculptured, patinated, modeled by his unique technic. The collection is enspired by the forest and its atmosthere, forms, structure, colores and  mystique. The basic material is combined with glass, wood, ceramic and other natural materials.

Ivaylo Marinov has been making leather plastics since 1980. The technic is unique and is created by the author. He uses different kinds of naturel upper leather. He costructs his works by overlaying of materials. Every plastic is a result of dozens of manual operations. The author uses natural colorants, patinas and polish to achieve interesting colour effects as well as preservation and endurance of the material.

Ivaylo Marinov was born in 1954. He graduated in wrought iron from a Secondary school in crafts in Sofia. He worked in the Creative Fund of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and in the Association of Masters. He is a member of the "General Crafts Movement" and the "Varna Chamber of Crafts". He delivered some of his works in Toronto, Canada at a forum dedicated to the Slav culture. For 15 years already  he has been presenting his works at the Bulgarian traditionl "International Fair of Crafts and Arts" in Varna. His creations are represented in different galleries in Germany. Ivaylo Marinov is a three-time participant in one of the greatest International festivals in the USA - Silver Dollar City World - Fest, Branson.MO. Some of his unique works are purchased by private collections in Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Russia, Belarus, USA - California.