Graphic collection "Sidonoya Atanassova" is exposed in the Dobrich gallery

On Feb 15th 2017 at 5.30 pm in the Dobrich Art gallery an exposition of Sidoniya Atanassova /1909 - 1994/ was opened. She is a respected name in the Bulgarian graphic art. The collection of 51 works of the painter is possessed by the "Iliya Beshkov" Art gallery in Pleven. It was already arranged in the galleries of Silustra, Razgrad, Kazanlak, Stara Zagora, Vratsa, Dimitrivgrad and athers. The engravings on wood date back to the active creative period of the painter from 1937 till 1988. She is one of the wellknown founders of the Pleven painters group.

Sidoniya Atanassova was born on March 21st 1909 in Vratsa, in the family of Lieutenant General Iliya Atanasov and the teacher Rayna Atanasova. In 1911 the family mooved to Belogradchik.  In 1915 the family of General Atanasov settled to Pleven. In 1929 Sidoniya Atanasova finished high school and she  became a student in the National Art Academy in Sofia. 

The course of her studies in the department of "Applied Arts" is held by the professors Stoyan Badzhov, Nikola Kozhuharov, Vassil Zahariev Nikolay Raynov /History of Art/ and Stoyan Raynov /Ceramics/ in the department "Decorative Art". In these years she additionally studied Graphics under prof. Vassil Zahariev. She finished the Academy on June 28th 1936 with a grade "very good".

"Along with the original works the visitors can see panels with enlarged copies of some of the engravings which gives the opportunity to see better the small details in the works. So one can realize how skilfully the painter recreated by delicate touches the materiality of water, air, forest, men and animals" - said the chief curator Nedko Nedkov at the opening of the exhibition.