Following the tradition the Union of the Dobrich Artists organized a Christmas present for the Dobrich citizens arranging an exhibition in the Gallery. It was opened on Dec 7th.

As usual the partisipants in the exhibition are 23 artists presenting 40 works - sculptires, graphics and paintings.

At the opening the poet Sasho Serafimov spoke about this traditional event:" Everithing round us breaths and we don't know when was the begining and when will be the end. Our whole life is recorded in the air as in the heart of the stone. Every instant actually  is a new bearth if the senses. Each of us follows his path, invisibly touches the soul, catches the assosiations of his own times and so the creative works come to birth. And may be because we already hear the melodies of the Christmas songs everywhere around us we feel the Byble spell of the Christmas miracles. And I do beleive that this exhibition is the exact proof of that.

The painters received a congratulatory adress by the Governor Detelina Nikolova.