An unique exhibition dedicated to120th Anniversary of the National Academy of Fine Arts - speciality "Sculpture" wья дзехеа in the Dobrich Gallery on Nov 15th. The exposition contains the history of the department, photoes of its foundation as well as sculptures created by pedagogues classicists. Sculptures crteated by the great Bulgarian sculptors Acad.Prof. Ivan Lazarov, Prof. Lyubomir Prahov, Acad. Prof. Krum Damyanov, Prof. Velichko Minekov, Prof. Georgy Chapkanov, Prof. Angel Stanev and Prof. Emil Popov are exposed for the first time in Dobrich. Works of teachers from other specialities are also presented in the exhibition. The presence of this speciality in the Academy's life is backed by video materials of professors and students who crerate during the last 20 years. Works of students' last two masters'programs in this specislity are included in the exposition,too.

Sculptures of professors and pedagogues owned by the Dobrich gallery's fund are shown in the gallery.

This exposition will be presented in different towns in the country and finaly it will be displayed in the exhibition complex of the Union of Bulgarian Artists - Sofia in the autumn of 2017.