This is the title of the retrospective exhibition of the painter Krassen Berbenkov which is to be opened on Nov 7th, 2016 at 5.30 pm. The exposition will be displayed in two of the halls of the Dobrich Art gallery.

The artist is born on Oct 12ve 1956 in Dobrich. He graduated in painting under prof. Svetlin Russev from the National Academy of Fine Arts – Sofia. He lives in Varna and works as a professor in the National School in Fine Arts “Dobri Hristov” in the town.

The painter is a long-standing member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. He has 29 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Great Britain, Italy and Kuwait. He also participated in 14 general exhibitions.

Works of the painter are owned by private collections.

He is a National award winner in painting in an exhibition-competition “The Man and the Sea”. In 1989 he won the Special Award of the Head Office “Culture and Spiritual Development”, Varna Municipality in painting. In 2006 he was Nominated for the prizes in painting in the National exhibition of painters – pedagogues, Veliko Tarnovo 2015 and in the exhibition-competition of “Aliants”, Bulgaria under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov – 2016.

‘’What makes me draw and experiment is my love to colors. This challenge pushes me to try different variations and harmonies and it openes for me new abstract areas, which are free of needless details and narrations. The masterly painting which I strive to finish bears the simplicity of expression. The paintings in this exposition are the result of seeking and changing from reality to abstractedness".

                                                                                             Krassen Berbenkov