On Sep 1st the Dobrich gallery opened an exhibition of Rossen Donchev - a painter from Kzanlak.  Here is a part of the presentation of Sasho Serafimov:

“…In the exhibition of Rossen Donchev “Two-dimensional Landscape” the painter tries to provoke or to tell the visitors that art in its all shapes is two-dimensional. It’s like a sticker, like an application to our life, something additional. No matter if we try to become a part of the inner world of a painting and to enter its world we’ll always be a strange presence. It’s forms, it’s stories about childhood or the bottom land, or about the cool feeling of the abandoned town - they couldn’t admit us.

-          I am the right world – tells the painting. –It’s not you but I’m the one who looks at you.

Yes, these paintings watch me as if they follow me when I’m in the hall.

The blue painting shows up among this world not only with its colors. As if it’s painted up in the skies.  And one starts believing that there are mountains, trees, seas and a kind of philosophy somewhere above us painted in blue.

The range of colors of the canvases gives the feeling of fragility. As if this beauty is delicate and will fall apart.

It seems as if the canvas “Composition” is a fragment of a story where silence is the connection between present and future.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The exposition of Rossen Donchev is a fact. I’m sure the paintings, the quiet corners of childhood, the river without a ford to the past which runs through us reminding us that we live with all our times await us. The shelters where we lowly stop for a break before the gospel expect us.

Welcome to the two-dimensional landscapes of the soul of Rossen Donchev.