On 19.07. in the Dobrich gallery was diplaied an exhibition entitled '"Educator - Student". Among the paintings of the pedagogue Zdravko Toshev are arranged the drawings of his student Grigor Grigorov. The young painter is admitted in the National Academy of Sofia in graphics / illustrations of books/.

The exhibition was organised by the "Petko Rachov Slaveykov" Secondary School and the gallery in Dobrich.

Zdravko Toshev is a master in plastic arts and he has a qualification in fine arts. Since 1978 he is teaching  fine arts in the “P. R. Slaveykov” Secondary school - Dobrich. He is a pedagogue who arranged 10 solo exhibitions. He also took part in 26 regional and national exhibitions. In the period 1978 - 2016 about 30 of his students graduated Secondary and High schools in arts and now they work in the field of art design, advertisement, fine arts, information technology and some of them are well known Bulgarian painters.

Grigor Grigorov participated in many regional and national student exhibitions. Out of 21 prizes six are national ones.