On June 22nd at 6 pm the Dobrich gallery is opening an exhibition of photos under the title ‘Reflections of Venice”. The exposition contains 40 photos taken by Riccardo Zipoli. They are a part of a collection of over 1000 pictures which have been taken between 2004 and 2006. The photographs tell about the unknown Venice both transient and everlasting which looks in the glasses of its own window. The town is known to be variable and elusive but actually it is an ideal and metaphysical place. The photos are not copies of the town. They actually give the idea of an imaginary Venice which changes its forms and colors. It exists in unexpected views and amazing associations where the present artistically interflows into the abstract. Vaults, trees, bells, columns, clouds, statues and chimneys jump into the windows of houses and castles converting into unusual shapes. The author says:” Photography to me is an experience led by the eye but after words filtrated by mind in such an union which gives it a vital soul….”

The exhibition is realized in association with the Italian cultural center - Sofia and will be opened until July 3rd.

Riccardo Zipoli was born in 1952 in Prato /Italy/. He taught Persian language and literature and Photography in the Ca’Foscari University in Venice. He issued many publication topics on Iranian studies. He mainly works on historical and stylistic problematic in the classic Persian literature. His interest to photography traces back to 1972. The Institute in contemporary art in London and Gallery Il Diaframma in Milano are the first to house his exhibitions. The anthology of his photos, the full list of the exhibitions and his publications are to be found in his site:

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