An exhibition of large dimension and rich variety of themes was opened last evening at 6 pm /01.10.2015/  in Dobrich Gallery. It is a part of the “Generations” cycle and tells about the creative work of eight painters of family Vekovi from Varna.  

The family patriarches who created its bases giving and its primary artistic energy are Hristo Vekov and Margarita Deneva. Both of them are habituated to a highly moral artistic tradition and to a full self devotion in the name of arts and faith in its supreme mission.

Dobrich was the place where in 1971 Margarita Deneva organised her first solo exhibition. This fact bounded the painter with this town and this very Gallery in a very warm and sentimental way. The exhibition was followed by another 20 solo exhibitions, awards of national competitions of the Union of the Bulgarian Painters, 2d and 3d class “Sts Cyril and Methodius” medals, the distinction “Notable Varna citizen”, the award “1300 Years Bulgaria” and the acknowledgement as one of the most famous painters of the 60s.

Hristo Vekov worked as a painter in the Varna newspaper “Narodno delo”. After that he started his career in the Dramatic Theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov” and Varna Opera as an executive painter. He created projects and stone plastics for several schools, public buildings etc. He was an artistic secretary of Varna group of the Union of the Bulgarian Painters and he was also a counsellor in the  Municipal Council of Varna. He took part in joint exhibitions in different countries and organised  in Sofia solo exhibitions inspired by his journey to Algeria. Hristo Vekov realised 12 solo exhibitions and makes donations to schools, enterprises and offices. He’s got several awards at district exhibitions and an award at the exhibition of works of the Union of the Bulgarian Painters dedicated to the sea. He was awarded a number of medals incl. 1st and 2d class “Sts Cyril and Methodius”.

The second generation of the family Tsvetana and Deyan graduated the Sofia School of Arts and after that the National Academy. Tsvetana chose icon painting. She realised 10 solo exhibitions, took part in 30 town, district and national exhibitions. She also included her works in Bulgarian expositions organised in different countries. Some of these visits influenced to a great extend her artistic work. Her brother Deyan Vekov graduated woodcarving but he also creates paintings, wall paintings, ceramic plastics, wooden plastic, easel painting, exterior sculptures, spatial design, creation of copies and replicas of archaeological artefacts. He organised 2 solo exhibitions in France. His fine painting is perfect, with pedantic details and dominating role of the plastic arts.

The third generation of Vekovi - Nikolay, Martin and Hrabrina Vekovi and Denitsa and Ognyana Serafimovi followed the family tradition. Nikolay graduates the Arts Academy in Sofia in Sculpture. He prefers the details of the small plastic arts as we can guess from his works. Denitsa finished the Secondary School in Arts in Varna but she chose scenography. She produced two short films and worked for different theatres before she dedicated herself to music. Because of her warm and mystic voice she is called the Bulgarian Lisa Djerard. Her sister Ognyana follows her in her professional appearances. She also finished music and later scenography graduating visual performance. For her professionalism she was awarded by the Ministry of Culture, "Stoyan Kambarev" foundation, "Asker" foundation and she got many nominations and the Ikar prize,too.