The friendly relationship between Bulgarian and Rumanian artists dates to more than twenty years back. Many of them took part in exhibitions and plain-airs in Troyan, Varna, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Balchik. During the following years these relationship was maintained by Bulgarians who took their Art Scholarship in Rumania - Ivan Kanchev from Gabrovo and Ilya Yankov from Varna who is an honorable member of the Artists Society of Rumania. Some Dobrich  painters also took part in Rumanian plain-airs. The Gallery permanent exposition contains paintings by Dzhordzhe Farkashiu and Marchel Bunea.

The organized show of Rumanian pieces of art is a part of the traditional exchange of expositions between the Dobrich painters Society and Constantsa Union of Artists and marks the jubilee of the Rumanian Artists Society. In the autumn an exhibition of Dobrich painters will be arranged in Constantsa.

In two of the Gallery halls 41 Rumanian painters and the Bulgarian artists Ivan Kanchev and Ilya Yankov arrange 50 pieces of art. Constantsa is known for its interesting plastic artists, working with ceramic material who continue the traditions of their teacher Kostel Badea. The exposition shows works both of the doyens and the young representatives of the Rumanian artists. The subject - matter of the exhibition is  impressive - some of the paintings are connected with Dobroudja, others are inspired by history or the modern vision of the present day.