On 16 January 2020 an exhibition of Andrey Kuleshov was opened in Dobrich Art Gallery. Born and raised in Moscow in professional artist family, in 1980 Andrey Kuleshov graduates from Moscow Arts Institute “V. I. Surikov”. In 1984-1987 he lives and works in Varna. The artworks in the present exhibition are from that period and in it prevail portraits of actors, musicians, artists and author’s friends, as well as still-life, landscapes and illustrations. The particular reason for the exhibition is the will of the artist and Traychevs family to donate the painting “The Drummer” to Dobrich Art Gallery. During the opening the art critic Rumen Serafimov underlined the two specifics of the presented artworks – the fine linearity of the illustrations and comics and the classical intensity of the painting expressed in the still-life and portraits, included in the exposition. On his side, Dimitar Traychev talked about the extreme workability of Andrey Kuleshov, his dedication to the painting and saved personal style after the 13-years classical art training.

We express our gratitude for the generous donation on the part of Dobrich Art Gallery and the art admirers in the city!

The exhibition will be displayed until 04 February 2020.